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Wholesale Catholic Goods was formed to serve the needs of the Catholic retail market. We are working to help propagate the great need of brick and mortar retail stores so that all Catholics (and non-Catholics, for that matter) will have access to a truly Catholic shop in their area. Our focus is to support the retail stores and band them together to have a stronger voice in the Catholic market, to help to raise the funds they so desperately need, to provide their clients the best in Catholic goods to help enrich their faith, and most of all promote the faith of Jesus Christ. We also provide another avenue for all those faithful authors and artists to promote their goods.

We believe there is a need for cohesion between Catholic companies. All of us are in existence to guide souls to salvation. We need to make sure that the individuals and companies involved in our missions are promoting the truths we hold dear. It doesn’t make sense to support a secular company who promotes ideas contrary to the Catholic Church when a faithful Catholic alternative is available.

We pray that you may join us in this endeavor and to help us help you by offering your comments and suggestions at anytime.

May the Lord bless you and your work!

Ken Fabrick
Wholesale Catholic Goods

Wholesale Catholic Goods is a fully owned subsidiary of Sub Cruce, LLC.